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Fantasy Racing -- 2000 Spring and Fall Session
Prize Points and Prize List

Those who have earned Prize points this year are listed at the bottom of this page.  Prize Points earned during the 2000 Spring and Fall Sessions will be combined.   Points for 2000 cannot be combined with those earned in previous years.

When you play Collective Racing's Fantasy Racing, you can earn Prize Points for each race during the season that can be redeemed for prizes from the list below. (Note: Prize Points should not be confused with individual driver points earned in each race. Prize Points are awarded as described below.)

Here's how it works: Prize Points are awarded for each race during the season and at the end of each session (Spring and Fall). For each race, Prize Points are awarded to the top 20 contestants in each race. The player with the highest total driver points for a race earns 30 Prize Points. The player with the second highest total earns 20 points, and so on (see the chart below). At the end of each session (Spring and Fall), Prize Points are also awarded to the top 20 finishers for that session (also in chart below). Prize Points earned during the 2000 Spring and Fall Sessions will be combined. However, Prize Points for one year cannot be combined with those earned in another year.

Our intent is to make it possible for the top contestant each week to earn a prize, as well as the top 10 contestants for each session. To make it interesting, Prize Points are also awarded for places 2 thru 20 each week. These points alone are not enough to be redeemed for a prize. But if a person places high in 2 or more races, they may earn enough Prize Points to upgrade their prize, or even win a prize without ever placing first in a race.

Prize Points for each race are awarded as follows:

Top 20 Finishers Each Race
Place Prize
  Place Prize
1st 30 11th 5
2nd 20 12th 5
3rd 15 13th 5
4th 10 14th 5
5th 10 15th 5
6th 10 16th 5
7th 10 17th 5
8th 10 18th 5
9th 10 19th 5
10th 10 20th 5

Prize Points for cumulative session scores are awarded as follows:
(These prize points can be combined with other points earned during the current Fantasy Racing season.)

Top 20 Finishers Each Session
Place Prize
  Place Prize
1st 50   11th 15
2nd 40   12th 15
3rd 35   13th 15
4th 30   14th 15
5th 30   15th 15
6th 25   16th 10
7th 25   17th 10
8th 25   18th 10
9th 25   19th 10
10th 25   20th 10

Prize List:

Items on the prize list may change throughout the session depending on availability.

2000 Prize Points Earned:

To collect a prize simply e-mail and indicate the prize(s) you would like to cash in your points for.  Please include your mailing address in your message. If you don't have an e-mail account then you can use the "Suggestion Box" in the store section of our web page to communicate with us. You can also give us a call at (801)763-8272. Please let us know if you have any questions at all!!

Sorry, points for multiple players can not be combined.

The following list are the players that have accumulated enough points for a prize during the 2000 season:

A. Schussler                  Amber Racing                  15
Alan Price The Frogs 25
Andy Kuebodeaux A & A Racing 30
Baby Barker Goo Gaa Racing 15
Bill Tye B&J Racing Inc. 15
boothill69 Race Room Rowdies 20
boz316 Dales Kids 20
Brady Bonson Dent Guy Enterprises 15
Brian Lembke Gordon's Army #4 15
brian poeschl nascarnub 15
Brooke K. Hendrick24525 Racing 20
C.F.Miles Jr8Bud 15
Cale Dupre' Roush 2000 30
Candy Nally PC & PK's Racing-JCP 20
Carl G Shadow Racing 20
Carol Hertzner 15
Carol Potter team barbie 30
cay martinez 2thelead racing 20
Charlotte Dubel Lady Wolf Motorsports™ 15
Chris Neal Tarchewers 30
chris white whitey's need for speed racing25
Cory Smith Corn Flakes Boy 30
craig whedon spaz94 30
D Morgan backroads 20
Dale Clark Clash Racing 15
Dave Lembke Nasty Boys 15
David Russell Slain Manor 30
debbie damiani savbubba 30
DeDe Gerber Race Room Rowdies 20
Dewey Hinricksen Budone 15
Don Sheats 1Gibbsfan1820 15
Donald Burnash HAF Racing 20
Donald W. Bryant Checkered Flags 15
dori novak 50
douglas reed bljckts 15
Duane Anthony 24 for life 15
DWfan66 Confederate-Southern Racing 30
Eric Ortwine Tony Stewart Rules!!!!! 30
Faith Battiato HAVF8H Racing 15
Fischboy Fischboy's Boys 20
FRL-Chris Coker Coker Racin' 30
Gary Jacob 20
Gene P. Watkinson Steelers 20
George L. Hess GeoPat Racing 15
glenn baum racing rascals 20
Greg Hahn Artic Wolves 25
hmr hmr 15
Hopsan Barley Budweiser GT Racing 20
J. R. Richardson Tigger's Toys 30
Jack Weston Jr littlejack 20
Jamie Stover Rainbow Killers 15
Jason Thomas Moonshine Runners 20
Jeff Buckalew Lite Racing #2 15
Jeff Roberts 30
Jenn Lee It's all about Dale Jr. 15
jerry norris CAPE FEAR RACING TEAM 20
Jerry Toblert 30
jim buchinsky DLS RACING 75
jim donald alphapops 45
JIM PRATT 2 briar hill racing 15
Joe Harvey Jr. Clean Air Racing 15
Joe Mac Burn Rubber On Me 20
Joe Walker Penske Racing 15
John Greenway Greenway Racing 40
John Yetman Yettie Racing 20
Johnna Hibbert Weekend Warriors 30
Jonathan Thomas JT31 30
karen davis race room rowdies 30
Keith Herron Herron racing 20
Keith Johnson Left Turn Clyde 15
Ken Eversole Rep Racing 15
Kim Mills 20
Kyler Ballard Ballard Motorsports 30
Ladyinblack Bottom Feeders 15
Lance Bruns Fast 30
larry bender fender bender 30
Linnay Compagner 2 Crew 2 60
lonnie heth oval demon 15
Lu94 Bushog's All Female Racin Team30
Mac Spoilers 30
Mark Reese Hollywood Racing 35
Mark W. Young Earnhardt Express 15
Mel Shabelski MAS Racing 15
Melissa Lockhart Ashford Assassins 30
MGDGURL race room rowdies 25
michael Ruff Ryders 20
Michael Bennett Down and Away Racing 15
michael holm Go-Fast Racing 20
mike maynard exide express 40
Misty Go Tony!! 20
Mr.Outlaw radicals 30
pat hamilton v6wd60 30
Paul T Eriksen MMS Racing 15
Pete Kempen Kempen Kars 15
Peter Dykeman PADSJNB 20
Phil Walker Walkers Wascals 15
R. Lee Daniels Flying Pigs 30
racinduo racinduo 30
randall labontes 30
Razor For 3 race room rowdies 20
Richard Reynolds 884ME-QZRL 40
Rick Mashlan Vetteguy 20
Rick Sonnenberg R AND R RACING 30
Robert Gifford Russian Hockey Racing 45
Robert Looney Looney Racing 20
RobertHallMiles Jarrettfan 15
Rocky Arndt RAR 20
Ron Chaney Red911 20
Russ Frye White Lightning 25
Sarah Chapin Chapin Race Team 20
Shirley Fowler Half Pint Raceing 20
Shirley Moore The Axles 35
Sir Ford Man Rules 40
Steve Bell IFBD RACING 30
steve childress chilli's ford 15
SusanWelcher MoPower Baby 15
T Lands Team physcho 15
Tassia Scott Pine Lake Racers 15
Tim Kelsey elight eight 30
Todd S GO 24 25
Vance Hiatt III Loose off 2 30
Vilas Morris BULLDOGS 15
wade collier 20
Wayne Bolding RACE-A-HOLIC 15
Wayne Faucette Stone Cold Jabronies 20

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