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Welcome to Collective Racing's Fantasy Racing Page! 2014 is our 19th year of providing free fantasy racing on the web!

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Congratulations to our Chicago Winners!!

Fantasy Racing
SLI Racing from Moyock, NC

Scovel, Harley from S.D.

Fantasy Racing Top 20 for Chicago
Pos Player Name Team Nickname Location Points
1 SLI Racing Moyock, NC 317
2 Matty422 Race Room Rowdies Yorkville,IL 315
TLFish24 Race Room Rowdies Yorkville,Illinois 315
DaJamesGang DaJamesGang NC/VA 315
5 djmatt4 Race Room Rowdies Yorkville 313
6 Jorge Gil Jr. DaLosers Florida 312
7 George Schroeder Off the wall Apollo Beach Fl. 311
8 wallslammer oil slick price utah 310
BoogityMan Fess Good Ol' Boys Bismarck, ND 310
10 dwwesto Weston Racing Indiana 309
11 Don Kuch Kuchs Racing klr Idaho 308
hard oiler LINCMKIII petrolia 308
13 Mike Stone RRL Russellville Al 307
14 Tom Daniel Lion's Den Racing Noblesville, Indiana 306
15 PAUL PILZ PILZ RACING Greenville,SC 304
Slyder3 Race Room Rowdies Georgia 304
17 bill christy 31 fan marshalltown iowa 303
18 Bob Kringle Kringle Team Bob Europe 301
Timothy Belk Redbandana#3 Joplin Mo 301
20 Steve Hahn Swampcreek Racing M'dale PA. 300
Carol Kuch Light N Tight klr Kelso Lake , Idaho 300
Pick43 Top 20 for Chicago
Pos Player Name Team Nickname Location Points
1 Scovel, Harley Rimroock Racer S.D. 1676
2 mrbest ffp huntsville, al 1657
3 wallslammer oil slick price utah 1657
4 Jorge Gil Jr. DaLosers Florida 1653
5 cyfy325 Florida 1647
6 MK43 Nebraska 1647
7 tony14 TONY 14 MOUNTAIN CITY TN 1645
8 spinout oldsmokie utah 1640
9 Bill Stoffel Wasted Knights Peoples Republik of Maryland 1637
10 bmeyers35 Ankeny, IA 1637
11 Deborah Winkelbauer LittleEwins Kansas City 1636
12 Rowdy Benzer Rowdy Benzer Smiths Grove, KY 1630
13 James Hammett Auburn Racing Moody, Alabama 1628
14 Deb Cloonan TC's Picks Oswego,NY 1628
15 Ruddluver FAST LANE RACERS Mesa AZ 1628
16 Dennis Winkelbauer wallscrappers Kansas City 1628
17 Ron G MICON t-town 1627
18 Carol Jameson Zags Racing South Jersey 1626
19 D. Lyons Bailout Mississippi 1626
20 lennoxbird B & B Racing CMCH NJ 1626
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