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Simply submit the form below and you will be ready to play either (or both) of our 2 fantasy racing games. All information can be changed at a later time (after logging in), if desired. After you submit this form, you will be taken to the screen that will allow you to pick your teams.

If you have already registered, and would like to change your player name, nickname, password, etc., do not fill out this form. Instead, you need to log in to your account, and then press the "Edit Player Information" button.

1 registration per person. Multiple players can use the same e-mail address.

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Player Name: Your Player Name is what you will use (along with your password) to identify yourself when logging in to pick your team, make trades, etc.
Location: You can enter where you are from if you would like -- such as City, State; or schoolname; or whatever you would like to claim as home. This information will be displayed on player lists.
Team Nickname: You can give yourself a nickname if you would like. Your nickname will be displayed on player lists along with your player name. Please keep it clean :-)
Password: Up to 12 characters long. Remember your password! You will need to use it along with your Player Name to access the on-line system.
Re-enter Password: Retype your password to verify the spelling.
ID Verification Question: Choose a question that you would like to use to identify yourself. If you forget your password in the future, this question and answer will be used to verify your identity, so that we can supply you with your password.
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E-Mail Address: The e-mail address you enter here will be the one that your login information will be sent to if you forget it. It will not be used for spam and will be kept confidential.