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Fantasy Racing Rules

There are currently 2 different fantasy racing games provided by Collective Racing -- The Classic Fantasy Racing Game, and Pick43. Both games are free, and can be started at any time during the season. The results for both games are based on the actual race results from the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series.

Once you register and login, you are provided the opportunity to pick teams for both games. You can play both games, or just one if you want.

Classic Fantasy Racing
There are 2 sessions for this game each year. Each session is comprised of half of the NASCAR Cup Season. Session 1 starts with the first race of the season, the Daytona 500, and Session 2 usually starts with the race at Daytona in the July timeframe. Cumulative scores will be kept for each session. A winner will be crowned each race, as well as each session.

It's easy to play! All Nextel Cup drivers are divided up into 9 groups. You are allowed to pick one driver from each group. Your job is to select the highest finishing driver in each group. Your score for each race, will be the total number of Nextel Cup Points earned by your 9 drivers.

Trades. You will be allowed to make 3 driver trades between each race. You can make as many trades as you would like before the start of your first race. Trades must be made before the trade cutoff, which is posted on the Fantasy Racing Home Page after you log in. The cutoff is usually within an hour of the start of the race.

Scoring. Your score each week will be the total actual Cup points earned by your 9 drivers for that week's race. Your score will include the lap leader bonus points. A new exception has been added as of 2011 -- your driver will earn points in the contest, even if they aren't driving for the cup championship. As of 2011, drivers can only earn NASCAR points in 1 series -- but that doesn't make sense for our contest.
**IMPORTANT** You are selecting a driver in each group -- NOT a car -- You only earn points that are earned by the driver you select. If one of the drivers you selected fails to start the race then you will not earn any points for that group -- even if the car runs the race with someone else driving.

Penalties. If a driver has a penalty imposed by NASCAR for a particular race, then your score will also suffer that same penalty. The penalty will only be docked from player scores if the infraction is for something that could have improved the driver's performance on the track or improved their finish position. For example, if the penalty is imposed for an infraction that is discovered before the race, so the car actually runs the race with the problem fixed, then the penalty will not affect player scores. Another exception is the case where NASCAR will not award any points to a driver that registers after a certain deadline for the race -- We will still award finish points for that driver in the game.

How to play. The rules are actually quite simple -- select the finish order for the next Cup race. The player closest to the actual finish order of the race is the winner. Refer to the scoring section below to see how scores are determined.

Scoring. Each finish position can earn a base score of up to 43 points, plus possible bonus points.

The base score is determined by taking the number of positions your guess was off, and subtracting that number from 43.

Sample Calculations for a Pick
Here are 6 different scenarios and what the resulting score would be for that scenario.
Your Guess for
Jeff Gordon's
Finish Position
Actual Finish Position
of Jeff Gordon
Base Points Earned
for Jeff Gordon
1Did Not Qualify
(Treat like 44th Position Start)
20Did Not Qualify
(Treat like 44th Position Start)
This calculation would be made for all 43 of your picks. The sum of those 43 calculations would be your base score.

Bonus Points
Any Exact Pick5 points for each exact pick
Picking 1st Place Correctly10 points (in addition to the 5 for an exact pick)
Picking 2nd Place Correctly 7 points (in addition to the 5 for an exact pick)
Picking 3rd Place Correctly 5 points (in addition to the 5 for an exact pick)
Picking 4th Place Correctly 4 points (in addition to the 5 for an exact pick)
Picking 5th Place Correctly 3 points (in addition to the 5 for an exact pick)

Please feel free to E-Mail us at if you have any questions.